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Moroccan Pouffes | Leather Pouffes

Introducing Our ‘PREMIUM’ Range of Moroccan Pouffes


The Finest Quality Moroccan Leather Pouffes.


Exclusive to East Unique


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(Please note: we can only ship Moroccan Pouffes ‘unfilled’ internationally)

Large Moroccan Pouffes

(Exclusive to East Unique)

If you are looking to purchase an authentic Moroccan Pouffe, Our East Unique Moroccan Pouffes come in varying shapes and sizes (please see our exclusive Large Moroccan Pouffes) and in greatly differing levels of quality, therefore at East Unique, we source only the finest quality Moroccan Pouffes. Every Moroccan Pouf is made by hand by skilled artisans working in Marrakech Morocco – because authenticity is of utmost importance. Above all we choose quality.

Our Moroccan Pouffes are Guaranteed to be made of the best quality leather and most importantly by the best, most skilled artisans in all of Morocco because we will only stock the best available Pouffes on the market. Therefore we currently stock Moroccan Pouffes with the more traditional colors such as tan, Dark Brown, White, Black, as well in pink, baby pink, mahogany, burnt umber, desert sand, silver, gold, green, pistachio, copper, bronze. Moroccan Pouffes (sometimes described as Moroccan ottomans or Moroccan footstools) will add a touch of exotic Moroccan style to any room.

If you don’t find the Moroccan Pouffe you are looking for and really want a certain color please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will do our best to source the perfect Leather Pouffe for you. For any other questions you have regarding our Moroccan Leather Pouffes please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

New colours and shapes (double layered square pouffe/poufs and Beni Ourain poufs, large leather poufs) coming soon…

Please check out our Instagram page to see our previous clients’ in-situ pics.