East Unique | How to stuff your pouffe!
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How to stuff your pouffe!

How to stuff your pouffe

You can stuff a Moroccan pouf quite easily. Because of the additional bulk of the stuffing, Moroccan poufs are often dispatched without the filling. Also, buying the filling separately and stuffing the pouf yourself will often be less expensive. Usually made from leather, Moroccan poufs are great as foot rests for adults, while kids tend to love using them as seats.


Emptying the Pouf

Many of the Moroccan poufs available today are easy to open and close because they have zippers sewn into them. Usually you will find them located on the underside of the pouf. In other cases, two overlapping sections of leather are used, sometimes with a button or two which secure them together. A few traditionally styled Moroccan poufs also have a lace-up fastening pattern, often with a lace made from leather that is dyed the same color as the pouf itself. Despite the different ways of opening the Moroccan poufs, the basic stuffing method for them is the same.


Using Styrofoam Balls

Using Styrofoam or polystyrene balls is a very good option for filling Moroccan poufs. You will need about 16 gallons (60 liters) of polystyrene balls to fill up each Moroccan pouf. Choose relatively small Styrofoam balls, or beads, and opt for ones that are sold as bean-bag fillers. Start by gradually filling the sides with the balls to ensure that all parts of the pouf are fully stuffed. By doing this, you will also prevent any unsightly dimples from appearing.

To help the Styrofoam balls from leaking out, especially when the Moroccan poufs get old, first pour the balls into a couple of old cushion or pillow cases. Then sew up the pillowcases before using them to stuff the pouf. This will help to prevent the balls from escaping through worn seams in the pouf. Once you have used your newly stuffed Moroccan pouf for a few weeks, you may notice that the stuffing has settled down a bit. If that happens, simply add another gallon of Styrofoam balls to keep your pouf looking as good as new.


Using Low-Cost Stuffing

It is not necessary to buy specialty material to stuff a Moroccan pouf; you can easily obtain excellent results from household items. However, it is worth bearing in mind that these cost-effective options of filling generally do not last quite as long as proper stuffing.

You can stuff Moroccan poufs with trash-bin liners and plastic bags. In order to fill a pouf so that it is firm when weight is put on it, you will need a hundred or so of scrunched-up bags. It does not matter if they happen to be torn, but they need to be clean. A good alternative to plastic bag stuffing is newspaper. Take each sheet and scrunch it up before placing it inside the pouf. You will get best results if you scrunch up the sheets individually instead of taking two or three sheets of paper together.


Buying Materials Needed to Stuff Moroccan Poufs on eBay

Different types of stuffing, including Styrofoam balls and polyester fiber filling, are available for sale on eBay. Simply search in the Crafts or Bean Bags & Inflatables sections. You can also find Moroccan poufs under the Ottomans, Footstools & Poufs category. Before making a purchase, make sure you review the seller’s ratings, as left by other eBay users.